Desember 19, 2013

One Step Closer to the Final Semester!

Oh My God... It's close... So close till the Final Semester! Time flies... So fast... Now I am in the end of 7th Semester and goes to 8th Semester a.k.a the final semester!! Been busy with the "THESIS" and it almost drives me crazy...... Crazy about finding the "right" title and then making the proposal. But thank God the proposal is already done! Continue to the presentasion and after that worrying about my proposal, is it accepted or rejected...

Ahh.. I just hope my title will be approved! (AMIIN) and then I can continue to do the thesis and hopefully I can do it well and please God... Make it easy... Make the process of making the thesis become smooth and going well.. If there is an obstacle when I'm doing the thesis please give the way out... 

I just cant wait to graduate immediately and then get the good job and so then I can make my parents pround and happy.... And.... What am I waiting for the most is to see my academic title behind my name haha LOL.

Dini Destiyani, SS

So hilarious and such a narcissism! :P 
But by the way, I also need your prayer guys... Please support me and if you guys are willing to help me doing my thesis, I would be sooo glad! :D
Wish me luck and wish you all guys luck and success as well..... Loads love..... xo

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