Desember 26, 2013

Happy 22nd Birthday Louis William Tomlinson

My dearest Louis Tomlinson is turning to 22! He's having a birthday on December 24, 2013 on the last Tuesday.. OMG! Cant you even believe that?! He's 22!! 
Well, Happy birthday my Louis... Long life and have a good one... I wish you have a great birthday, keep gorgeous and always be the way you are.. Love ya! xxxx
By the way, I will show you a few of the birthday messages that was given to Louis on twitter from some of he's special person.. But sadly, the other One Direction members didn't say it on twitter... :( But maybe they already texted him personally :")
Here you go...

His mummy, Johannah 

Louis' sister, Lottie

Louis mom's fiancee

And Louis also thanked to his fans for all the birthday messages on his twitter :)

Love ya!!
Louis' birthday also became trending topic on twitter!!

We love you Louis!!! And I love you!! You'll always be my Peterpan.. Forever young... xxx
And I also made a birthday message for you Louis... 

Haha those are some of my selfie pictures... I'm just so excited about his birthday.... 
By the way, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS TOMLINSON.... I send you all the best wishes.. Loads love xxx

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